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Standard Nasal Packs

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AbsorbENT PVA nasal packs utilize three-dimensional interconnected open cells that are soft and pliable.
Sterile Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) foam.

• Even and fast expansion
• Soft, lint and fiber free
• Rapid wicking properties
• Provides gentle, but firm mucosal compression on the tamponade of anterior or middle segment epistaxis.
• When in contact with moisture, foam absorbs and swells to six times its compressed diameter. 
• String attached for retention and easy removal.
• Sterile.
• Dimensions listed are for hydrated state and in insertion position.
Length x Width x Height

These products cannot be sold to the general public and only sold to medical professionals

old product codes
11S-NS300-08AS   11S-NS500-08AS  11S-NS800-08AS   11S-NS1000-08AS
11W-NS300-08AS   11W-NS500-08AS  11W-NS800-08AS   11W-NS1000-08AS
11-M0450-10  11-MT450-10  11-M0800-10  11-MT800-10
merocel equivalent M Type

Our specialized medical products are available exclusively to professionals and accredited facilities, ensuring optimal quality and safety. Products are not sold to the general public.

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