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Rhino Rocket® with Applicator

  • $134.00

PVA Expandacell foam for epistaxis management after trauma or surgery.
Patented applicator:

  • Protects foam from moisture prior to insertions  
  • Aids in placement and insertion  
  • Minimizes blood containment concerns
  • 30 seconds to insert

Provides gentle, but firm mucosal compression on the tamponade of anterior or middle segment epistaxis.
When in contact with moisture, foam absorbs and swells to six times its compressed diameter. 
String attached for retention and easy removal.
Eight sizes to treat pediatric to posterior bleeds.
• Dimensions listed are for hydrated state and in insertion position. 
Length x Width x Height

These products cannot be sold to the general public and only sold to medical professionals


Width: Slimline 1cm or Wideline 1.5cm
                Length x Height
Small         3cm x 2cm
Medium     5cm x 2cm
Large        8cm x 2cm
XLarge    10cm x 2cm
merocel equivalent

Our specialized medical products are available exclusively to professionals and accredited facilities, ensuring optimal quality and safety. Products are not sold to the general public.

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