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About Innovia Medical

Innovia Medical® is a family of specialty surgical companies that are passionately committed to partnering with medical professionals to help elevate the delivery of patient care and improve clinical outcomes.

Elevating Care. Improving Outcomes.

Innovia Medical companies develop and manufacture solutions designed with both the medical professional and their patients in mind, to deliver care that:

  • Saves time for both the medical professional and patient
  • Delivers a consistent and predictable care experience
  • Improves patient confidence with reduced recovery times and less discomfort

Innovia Medical does this through a commitment to innovation leadership, unsurpassed product quality, and a dedication to provide responsive, personalized customer service.

Innovation Leadership. 

Innovation leadership is fueled through our dedication to collaboration with medical professionals. We regularly seek feedback and input from physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals through product research, testing and development.

This allows us to truly understand the solutions medical professionals need, and guides our innovative culture focused on inventing new, industry-leading solutions and reinventing current solutions that make ordinary products extraordinary, across the specialty surgery spectrum.

Unsurpassed Product Quality.

Our products deliver proven solutions and dependability which is the result of rigorous quality control and a relentless commitment to ongoing manufacturing improvements. We use only the highest quality materials and subject all products to rigorous inspection protocols. This is why we’re proud to have so many customers who have continued to rely on our solutions for more than forty years.

Responsive, Personalized Customer Service

From our sales representatives to our customer service team and every associate at Innovia Medical, delivering an unrivaled customer experience is everyone’s most important job. That begins by ensuring that each customer receives the product that is right for their specific needs. We provide assistance with technical support and live customer service representatives with extensive product knowledge, available any time of day. We deliver quick and thorough responses, every time—from order confirmation, shipping confirmation, delivery date communications and more to ensure continuous satisfaction.

We know you’re committed to providing the very best patient care experience possible. Our commitment is to be your trusted partner to help you every step of the way. At Innovia Medical, we are not just products, we are part of the patient care solution.

At Innovia Medical, we know you’re committed to providing the very best care possible. Our goal is to be your trusted partner to help you every step of the way.

Innovia Medical