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RhinoGuard Atomizer Tip Cover

  • $137.00

Designed to prevent cross contamination

  • Precision-molded of soft, flexible polymer
  • Fits most commonly used atomizers
  • Helps seal the nasal passage
  • Reduces trauma and splash-back
  • Non-sterile. Single-use
  • 100/box Refill Pack or
  • 250/box Tips + Dispenser Box

    The RhinoGuard™ atomizer tip cover is designed to prevent cross contamination and its associated risks, while the flared shield also reduces splash-back for improved clinician protection. Inexpensive and convenient to use, the disposable RhinoGuard protectors fit the most popular DeVilbiss® Atomizer models (163 and 286). - the most popular models.

    A Summit Medical exclusive, the Rhino Guard atomizer tip cover helps keep the atomizer’s tip in the correct location during use - helping meet the challenge of treating pediatric and other active patients. Its unique design enables more efficient administration of fine sprays.

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