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Touma II T-Tube Ventilation Tube

  • $137.00

The wide-funnel-shaped outer lumen is designed to reduce clogging, increase visibility and provide better drainage. In addition, the flat inner wings are designed to minimize premature extrusion, provide more secure anchoring and reduce permanent perforations. Sterile. Single-use.

Product No. Feature Material A B C D E
VT-0408-* ---- S / BL 1.12 5.0 2.59 0.63 2.08

VT-XXXX-01: 1 tube per package. 6 packages/box
VT-XXXX-50: 1 tube per package. 50 packages/box
Ventilation, vent, PE, myringotomy, tympanostomy tube. T Tube

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