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Syringe Rack

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Plastic Syringe Racks are made of a special polypropylene,
Steam Autoclavable at 121 deg C ( 250 deg F ) Dry Autoclave at 132 deg C (270 deg F), and will be able to stay submerged and maintain stability in water.
Easy to assemble. Stackable.

Select syringe size.

Size       Holes          Diameter      Fits Syringes
5cc         90                13mm         5cc, 3cc, and 1cc BD
10cc       60                16mm         10cc BD
30cc       24                25mm         30cc BD, 20cc Monoject
60cc       21                30mm         60cc BD, 35cc and 60cc Monoject

Dimension of assembled units (for all specifications):
24.6x10.4x6.4cm (9.7”x4.09”x2.52”)

These products cannot be sold to the general public and only sold to medical professionals

Our specialized medical products are available exclusively to professionals and accredited facilities, ensuring optimal quality and safety. Products are not sold to the general public.

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