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Shikani Stent

  • $309.00

Designed to be placed following functional endoscopic sinus
surgery to maintain patency of the middle meatal antrostomy and to reduce or eliminate the need for post-op packing. Sterile, single-use.
Developed and refined in use at Johns Hopkins Hospital by Dr. Alan Shikani.

• Medical-grade silicone material
6 pairs/box

See Images for Schematic
Product No. Size              A       B     C         D      E        F 
SP-80010    Small         27.9    5     21.9    6.2    4.6    23.4
SP-80020    Medium     35.7    6     29.5    7.8    4.6    33.4
SP-80030    Large         39     8.1    29.5    9.3    4.6    33.4

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