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3000cc Waste Canister

  • $156.00

Implosion Resistant Collection Canister. 3000cc

Completely self contained.
Liner-free, which means they won’t lose suction due to liner failures, and they won’t buckle over and spill the way liners can. All canister ports can be sealed with built-in caps. Both ends of the contaminated suction hose can be sealed by pressing the ends onto the ports. High flow pathogen filter in the lid screens out potentially hazardous airborne particulates. Clinically proven 99.99 & DOP rated.

Easy visualization of aspirate (unlike liner-bag canisters). Easy to clean-up. No clogged plumbing.

Implosion resistant and tested now for over 10 years.


These products cannot be sold to the general public and only sold to medical professionals

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