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Replacement Biofilter

Replacement Biofilter

  • $29.00

Absolute Filtration: 99.999% DOP rated for 0.02 micron particles. Prevents potential pathogens aerosolized by your aspirator from being exhausted into the O.R. air.

  • High Flow Design
  • Easily Connects to any Aspirator.
  • Fits standard tubing and…No More Flopping Filter!
  • Fits as shown directly on the hosebarb of the aspirator.
  • The female end on the bottom of the filter simply plugs onto the hosebarb of any aspirator .
  • The male portion on top accepts standard tubing which plugs onto the longer hosebarb piece on the small bottle.
  • The replacement interval for this filter is every 15 hours. Caveats on this are if aspirate has entered the filter or you have unexplained reduced vacuum.
  • These products cannot be sold to the general public and only sold to medical professionals

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