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LLETZlearn® Training Simulator

  • $1,195.00

The reusable LLETZlearn® Training Simulator has been designed in conjunction with LLETZlearn® to provide excellence in Colposcopy training.

  • Enables trainees to gain confidence before working on a patient
  • It can be used with electro-surgical tools to mimic real-life treatment
  • Improves skill and eliminates risk to patients in Colposcopy treatment
  • Securely hold the specimen in place during the procedure
  • Pairs perfectly with Cusco Specula (sold separately)

Find our LLETZlearn® Training Simulator “Pro” File here.

Manufactured in the UK by DTR Medical Ltd

Our specialized medical products are available exclusively to professionals and accredited facilities, ensuring optimal quality and safety. Products are not sold to the general public.

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