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Thermoplast Denver Splint® Series 4000

  • $177.00

Denver Splint Series 4000 Thermoplast
10-4000-05K  kit 5/box
10-4000-10NK nonkit 10/box

Rigid, opaque, lightweight, low temperature thermoplastic splinting material.
Simply soften with hot water and mold over taped nose.

•Stabilization of the nose after surgery
•Reduction of edema after nasal surgery or trauma
•Dorsal pad reduces dead space and skin wrinkling
•Dorsal pad reduces possibility of polybeak
•4 Sizes One size per box

Kit Components:
•Instruction sheet, •One alcohol wipe •One skin prep •One dorsal pad
•Pre-cut Protecto Strips •One Denver Nasal Splint®

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