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Series 5000 Non-Stick Nasal Pack

  • $85.00

The unique design combines a non-stick outer surface with an ultra-smooth biocompatible PVA sponge to significantly reduce patient discomfort during removal.

 Specifically designed for use after septal, turbinate and rhinoplasty surgery

  • Soft covered surface provides a non-stick interface against tissue in growth
  • Remains hydrated for up to 7 days without rehydration
  • Double compression for easy insertion (50% slimmer than competitor products)
  • Outer coating can be used in conjunction with water or oil based medication
  • Provides gentle, equal pressure within the nasal cavity when stenting post-operative bleeding
  • Independent clinical study identifies the Series 5000 nasal pack to facilitate the least trauma during removal
  • Supplied sterile, single use only, declared 5 year shelf life
  • 10/box
    Dimensions are for hydrated state and insertion position.

These products cannot be sold to the general public and only sold to medical professionals

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