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Refill Kit for the Tissu-Trans® Syringe FILL® 360

  • $34.00

fat grafting, cells, lipo, liposuction, cannula
Refill  Kit for Tissu-Trans®  Syringe FIL
L®  360 for fat grafting
Fat collection directly in syringes

Six 60cc monoject syringes, plungers and tips for additional volume.
Replaces the original syringes in the Syringe FILL canister.
Sterile. Disposable.

The Tissu-Trans® Syringe FILL does not change the normal flow of the physician's technique. Standard tumescent solution is infused. The Tissu-Trans® is placed between the harvest cannula and the waste canister. During harvest, the aspirate flows into the canister and sequentially fills each syringe. Remove syringes and decant or process in surgeon's preferred method. Attach cannula or transfer to smaller syringes to reinject.


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