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AquaVage 1200

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Water Infused Technology
The AquaVage does not change the normal flow of the physician’s technique. Standard tumescent solution is unfused. The Aquavage is placed in-line between the harvest cannula and waste canister/suction source. Suction pressure is reduced to 15-18” Hg. Lactated Ringers solution is placed in the bottom of the canister to enable separation of the fat as it flows in. When fat hits the Lactated Ringers, it separates from the waste portion and floats to the top. Once decantation process is complete, fat is removed via the extraction tube with a Luer Lock or Toomey syringe.
 *AquaVage Canister
 *6' Harvest Tubing
 *Transfer Tube (choice of Toomey or Luer Lock end)

AquaVage Instructions For Use

 *Water Infused Technology
 *Closed, single-use system
 *Sterile, disposable
 *Separates tissue and fluids by decantation
 *Compatible with all aspirators and instruments
 *Eliminates need for centrifuge
 *Two volumes: 1200cc and 2000cc

These products cannot be sold to the general public and only sold to medical professionals

    AquaVage Setup Video

    Aquavage Certification


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